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Welcome to the ETH

Are you searching for serious investors?

The ETH - European Technology Holding has the proper solution for you.

We are partners of an internationally active investment holding group with traditional connections to a pool of investors from the United Arab Emirates.
ETH is acting in behalf of the Investors as a front Society.
These investors are interested in several industrial fields. We will consider your funding inquiry individually and on a personalized level, optimizing your data and forward it to selected investors interested in this particular field.

Up to this stage there are no fees charged to you.

As soon as the initial project evaluation -conducted by neutral third parties- leads to acceptance of your project, an engaging LOI and an invitation for a personal presentation will be sent.

Subject to project acceptance and an agreement for cooperation with the investment partner, a contractual status is reached.
Through this agreement of cooperation, the subsequent project costs are shared by the investment partner and the project initiator in equal parts until the conclusion of the funding.

With conclusion of funding, the project initiator is reimbursed for all his expenses.

Personal presentation to the investor requires that both parties -both you and the investor- share initial expenditures for the preparation of such an event.

In order to achieve maximum efficiency in this presentation, our local partners and ETH will make our long-term experience with the Arabic business culture available to you in monitoring and coordinating the presentation event.

Purpose of the personal project presentation is to reach a formal agreement for a Joint Venture to the investors of your project.

The project presentation and the subsequent contractual steps until finalization of the investment process are in accordance to fair business principles and the rules of Islamic banking!

Profit sharing and risk sharing constitute the basic operating principles and support equal participation to cost contribution during this stage.

These contributions confirm the mutual intention for completing the project as equal business partners.

The financing process is in accordance to the economy law of the United Arab Emirates.
The project financing requires the attention of the general project conducting rules.

Please visit also our page, consorts/procedure.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will try to answer all your questions individually from this early stage on.

With best regards,

Your ETH - team
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